Do all Diamonds come with a grading report?

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I've had many questions over the years regarding grading reports or certificates for smaller diamonds used in my jewelry. I've been a jeweler in this industry over 16 years and have bought thousands of Diamonds during that time. Grading Reports are uncommon on stones smaller than 4mm and it's not a standard in this industry for them to be supplied with the Diamonds purchased. This is why I buy from ethical sources that guarantee color and clarity grading analysis. All of my white Diamonds and Lab grown Diamonds that I use in my jewelry go under stringent screening standards by Stuller. Diamonds sized .0012 to .20 ct. do not come with certificates or reports.

With that said there are jeweler's that create their own certificates to give to customer's but in reality they're just written guarantees that is on their word alone. I've seen many online reviews in my 16 years from unhappy clients when their certificate from a jeweler claimed one thing, but once the stones were tested the results were another matter. I don't create certificates because any of my jewelry can be taken to a jeweler local to you to be tested and graded with a loupe or microscope. I stand behind everything that I make and it does not benefit me to defraud my customers in any way. My ethical standards do not stop with the sourcing of my materials, I keep the same ethical standards throughout my entire business.

If you'd like a grading certificate with larger Diamonds sized .25ct and up they are available from GIA, IGI, EGL or AGS and will be noted in each listing. The pricing of Diamonds that come with a grading report will be higher, so if you'd like one with your Natural or Lab Diamond jewelry purchase, please contact me before your purchase to go over pricing and I'll create a custom listing for you. 




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