The metals for my jewelry are sourced from certified green suppliers that are SCS certified. In addition to ensuring that my metals come from eco sources I also  use recycled scrap from the metals used in my studio.

All of the diamonds that I source are conflict-free and come from sources that are full participants in the Kimberly Process Certification System.

Moissanite is harder than Sapphires, Rubies and other gemstones and only second in hardness to Diamonds at 9.25Mohs. Believed to have been carried by a meteorite in trace amounts, silicon carbide in a labor intensive process has been hand faceted by master gem cutters to bring out the stone's natural brilliance. The fire that this gem produces is phenomenal. 

All of my Moissanites are from Charles and Colvard., the perfect ethical Diamond alternative.

Recycled and Refined metals are metals not obtained by dirty drilling. The production of one gold ring needs 20 tons of ore and will generate 5 tons of environmental waste. Cyanide and Mercury contaminates the water and land which endanger the health and lives of humans and animals alike.

Metals that are recycled come from metal scrap from industrial-use metals, electronics components and existing jewelry that has been refined back to 100% purity. There is no visual or wear difference with metals that have been recycled and metal that has been "Dirty Mined".

My cast pieces can be fabricated in different colors of 14k, 18k, Palladium, White Gold Palladium and Platinum. Colors range from Yellow, Rose, White,  and Green Gold.  Any metal other than my standard 14k offerings is considered a custom order.

Sorry, I do not work with customer supplied stones or metals due to liability reasons.  I only work with recycled metals from certified recycled metal partners that sell to the trade.

This is not an option. Every piece that I make is for my personal jewelry line, and selling my jewelry out as parts would dilute my brand. I do not sell any of my jewelry unfinished or incomplete.  I do have a selection of stones if you'd like a custom order for something not listed for sale on my site.

No, As an Eco Friendly jeweler I do not like taking away the inherent natural color of 14k White Gold. 

My 14k White Gold is from Hoover and Strong and will have a slight yellowish or gray tinge since this is the natural way that 14k White Gold looks like. What you see in mass produced jewelry stores are Rhodium Plated White Gold that makes their jewelry look more like Silver and less like Gold. In reality this mass industry standard is not what actual White Gold looks like.

If you want your ring plated, any local jewelry store will plate for a fee.

14k gold filled jewelry is a solid layer of 14k gold mechanically bonded to the outside of a base metal such as silver or brass. Under normal wear, 14K gold filled jewelry will not flake or peel like gold plated jewelry. Like solid 14k gold, 14k gold filled jewelry is safe for most people with sensitive skin. Gold-filled jewelry, even with daily wear, can last 10 to 30 years.

On occasion I offer 14k Gold Filled Chain as an option to bring the cost down for my customers. Listings will be noted if they're made using Gold Filled chain otherwise I use solid 14k Gold for my jewelry.

Unfortunately due to the natural texture of our skin which acts like sandpaper on jewelry, over time the finish will become polished in the areas that touch the skin or surfaces. Any local jeweler will be able to reapply the brushed finish with a radial brush.


I offer financing through Klarna.

Slice up your payment with 0% APR if paid in full within 6 or 12 months.  Choose Klarna during checkout for payment options.


Yes! Some of my best customers are International. I ship to various non conflict and low fraud countries. 

Customs and Duties are various taxes and fees imposed by your own country. US Sellers have no control over customs charges and do not benefit from them or receive any of the money from them. Before you make your purchase, you should acquaint yourself with your country’s import laws. This is also a good resource to check what you can be charged by your country: Duty Calculator

"In general, import duty is a tax that the importer has to pay to bring foreign goods into his or her country. Import VAT (Value Added Tax) is a tax charged on imported goods and services. 

Duty and VAT are calculated as a percentage of the value of the imported goods, consisting of the product value and the freight & insurance costs. 

For importing into the UK, duty and VAT are normally due when a minimum value threshold of £15 is reached. Duty is not paid on consignments shipped within the EU. 

Import duty rates vary depending on the type of goods; many goods are duty free. Relief from duty and VAT may apply in special cases. Also, in some cases additional duties may be charged, depending of the country of manufacture of the goods”

Purchases from my site will not be marked as gifts. In the US falsifying of customs forms comes with a potential 10K fine AND the possible loss of the ability to continue to conduct business in the US. 

At this time I can only offer free domestic shipping on US orders with a minimum purchase of $150.00.

- All shipments within the US will ship either via USPS or FedEx with Signature required on orders over $150.00. Shipments with FedEx will be delivered in 2-3 business days once shipped. USPS shipments can take 3-10 business days.

- International Shipments will still be shipped via USPS Priority International. Shipments can take up to 3 weeks although the standard shipment time tends to be 1 - 2 weeks. It's all dependent when it reaches customs within your country since that is where it can be held up. 

All of my jewelry comes in a recycled black box or a black velvet bag with my gold logo perfect for gift giving.  For engagement rings a pretty black ring box is selected to not only protect the ring during transit but to make for a perfect presentation.

The velvet boxes that you see on my Instagram feed are for product photography but can be purchased directly from The Mrs. Box.

Fabrication lead time

Since every order is handmade to order with the exception of already made pieces, it will generally take up to 3 weeks depending on the piece with some pieces taking 3 - 4 weeks. Please only count business days. Each listing will show the lead time per item. Because I am the only one that is making my jewelry (one woman show here) I have to have a healthy lead time for all of my orders. 

When your jewelry ships, a tracking number will be supplied to you via email from my website. 

Riskified is integrated into my website to stop fraudulent purchases. They cross check various data points of information that is submitted from each order to verify every sale before they approve or deny. If Riskified denies your order, I will not be able to fulfill it and your order will be voided.


If for some reason you ordered an incorrect size I can re-size it depending on the ring. Some stones are too fragile for me to re-size due to the heat from my torch, so please make sure to order your correct size.

There will be a $55 charge for downsizing and $75.00 for going up in size + return shipping  and insurance costs.

I do encourage you to drop by a local jeweler to get your correct measurement so that I can make whatever size needed. I make quarter sizes as well so please contact me before ordering or put the size in the notes to seller during checkout.

Jewelry Care

To preserve the look of your jewelry and to keep it looking like new for years to come, here are a few basics that should be followed. 

Chlorine and metal do not play well. The chlorine will in fact damage the metal as it is acidic, same goes for bleach. Clean with toothpaste and/or baking soda with a soft cloth or old toothbrush and your jewelry will be as good as new.

Long term exposure to Chemicals will cause "pitting". Preventing tarnish or pitting is easy. Remove all jewelry before showering, swimming or washing dishes. 

Lotions and creams can damage porous stones or metals so be sure to wipe off any excess before putting on your jewelry.

Don't wear during sports activity since you could risk damage.

The PH levels in your skin can actually cause skin discoloration when wearing metals and could indicate high levels of acid in your skin. All jewelry will tarnish to some degree (even 14k Gold) if not properly stored. If using long term storage, place in a plastic bag with a tarnish strip or a tarnish free pouch to slow down the oxidizing process. 

You'll also find various articles online regarding this common occurrence. 

Prongs should be checked every 6 months to ensure that they are tight against the stone. Any local jeweler can inspect prongs and tighten quickly while you wait. This is typical maintenance for any prong setting.

Yes. All metals will tarnish over time due to the presence of other metals that are used to create 14k Gold.  Also tarnishing near the soldered joins is normal as well and this is the difference between factory made jewelry versus handmade. 

A dip in a tarnish removing jewelry cleaner or a rub with a jewelry cleaning cloth will clean off the thin tarnish layer. With the exception of 14k Gold Fill Chain, my jewelry is made from 100% solid 14k Gold and is not plated in anyway. Tarnishing does not indicate that somehow the gold is "fake", this is not the case. Proper care and storage is needed for any gold jewelry that you want to preserve like new.  

I do not Rhodium plate my 14k White Gold because I do not want to take away the inherent natural color of the Gold. Plating metal is toxic and as a green studio I do not keep dangerous acids and chemicals in my shop. Also it would not be in line with my stance on being an Eco Friendly jeweler. With that said, most larger jewelry stores will Rhodium Plate for a fee if you want that bright white color.

Privacy Policy

I will not share your personal information for any reason whatsoever. Any information collected to process your order is used for just that.  I do not have any access to your payment information as it is encrypted.

Any emails that you receive from me will pertain to questions about your order or shipping updates. 

Privacy Policy

During checkout your phone number is only used to give to USPS or FedEx in case they need to contact you regarding your shipment. I will never call you for any reason.