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How do I care for my jewelry?

To preserve the look of your jewelry and to keep it looking like new for years to come, here are a few basics that should be followed. 

Chlorine and metal do not play well. The chlorine will in fact damage the metal as it is acidic, same goes for bleach. Clean with toothpaste and/or baking soda with a soft cloth or old toothbrush and your jewelry will be as good as new.

Long term exposure to Chemicals will cause "pitting". Preventing tarnish or pitting is easy. Remove all jewelry before showering, swimming or washing dishes. 

Lotions and creams can damage porous stones or metals so be sure to wipe off any excess before putting on your jewelry.

Don't wear during sports activity since you could risk damage.

The PH levels in your skin can actually cause skin discoloration when wearing metals and could indicate high levels of acid in your skin. All jewelry will tarnish to some degree (even 14k Gold) if not properly stored. If using long term storage, place in a plastic bag with a tarnish strip or a tarnish free pouch to slow down the oxidizing process. 

You'll also find various articles online regarding this common occurrence. 


Caring for prong set stones.

Prongs should be checked every 6 months to ensure that they are tight against the stone. Any local jeweler can inspect prongs and tighten quickly while you wait. This is typical maintenance for any prong setting to protect against stone loss.


What is your warranty?

* I offer a 6-month warranty against small stone loss. This does not cover wear and tear, theft, or abuse of your fine jewelry.  As prongs for center stones need to be checked at least every 6 months to ensure the prongs are not getting loose, replacement of lost center stones is not covered. I highly recommend getting insurance coverage for your jewelry through Jewelers Mutual or added through your home owners or renter’s policy.

* I will replace the pave stones within the 6-month warranty period without a fee, but after this time frame a small charge will be added for the replacement stones.

* If center stone loss or damage occurs due to hitting on a hard surface or any sort of accident that chips the stone, a replacement stone can be purchased and I will reset the new stone for you. If it's a one of a kind stone I will try to source a new one for you if possible.

* Shipping to and from my business for repair will be the responsibility of the buyer. If you are an International buyer, please make sure duties and fees won’t be added to the return shipment for repair since each country is different. It also may be more cost effective for you to purchase the replacement stone from me at a lower cost and have a local jeweler reset the stone.


Does Gold tarnish?

Yes. All metals will tarnish over time due to the presence of other metals that are used to create 14k and 18k Gold.  Wearing jewelry in the shower will cause tarnishing more quickly due to the chemicals put into our water supply. Also tarnishing near the soldered joins is normal as well. 

A dip in over the counter jewelry cleaner or a rub with a jewelry polishing cloth will clean off the thin tarnish layer. With the exception of 14k Gold Fill Chain and some bracelets, my jewelry is made from 100% solid 14k or 18k Gold and is not plated in anyway. Tarnishing does not indicate that somehow the gold is "fake", as this is not the case. Proper care and storage is needed for any gold jewelry, regardless of where it was purchased, that you want to preserve like new.


What is 14k Gold Filled?

14k gold filled jewelry is a solid layer of 14k gold mechanically bonded to the outside of a base metal such as silver or brass. Under normal wear, 14K gold filled jewelry will not flake or peel like gold plated jewelry. Like solid 14k gold, 14k gold filled jewelry is safe for most people with sensitive skin. Gold-filled jewelry, even with daily wear, can last 10 to 30 years.

On occasion I offer 14k Gold Filled Chain as an option to bring the cost down for my customers. Listings will be noted if they're made using Gold Filled chain or metal such as with some bracelets, otherwise I use solid SCS Recycled 14k or 18k Gold for my jewelry.

Jewelry Care

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