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silver oval dendrite necklace no 3

One of a Kind

I set a beautiful oval Dendrite into a handmade Sterling Silver bezel.  14k Gold prongs hold the stone for a bit of luxe. This natural stone has glow of pale umber and colors of cream and brown with a beautiful fern pattern. On the reverse is an engraved pattern of wild flowers given an oxidized finish.

Dendrites, a Greek word for 'tree-like', are inclusions that appear as plant structures that are caused by traces of iron or manganese. 

Variations  and Inclusions are normal with natural gemstones making each unique.

> Metal:  Sterling Silver + 14k Gold accent
> Stone: Dendrite 31 x 19mm
> Chain: Oxidized Sterling Silver textured chain 18"

Fabrication Time: Ready to Ship in 3- 5 Days.