Stones and Metals Info


All of my jewelry is made to last. My jewelry is handmade not factory made. I use 1.6mm as my standard thickness for 98% of my jewelry line. And for my delicate stacking rings, I use 1.3mm. All of my metals are hardened for tensile strength and since I use solid 14k gold there are no issues. Thicknesses of 1mm to 1.3mm is the becoming the norm for a lot of Metalsmiths and I use 1.5 to 1.6mm as my standard for my wedding bands, rings and engagement rings. All of these thicknesses are fine, it just depends on how the ring would be worn.

Rings: 1mm to 1.3mm is great for stacking rings and jewelry that is not worn every day.

Rings: 1.4mm and up is great for everyday wear. I typically use 1.5 to 1.6mm for my wedding rings.

Bands: 1.25mm to 1.5mm is great for everyday due to the width of the band adding more stability to the metal. 

If a thicker ring band is desired do contact me before ordering. 
Customer Stones and Metals:

Sorry, I do not work with customer supplied stones or metals due to liability reasons. Thank you for understanding.

Recycled Metals:

Recycled and Refined metals are metals not obtained by dirty drilling. The production of one gold ring needs 20 tons of ore and will generate 5 tons of environmental waste. Cyanide and Mercury contaminates the water and land which endanger the health and lives of humans and animals alike. Metals that are recycled come from metal scrap from industrial-use metals, electronics components and existing jewelry that has been refined back to 100% purity. There is no visual or wear difference with metals that have been recycled and metal that has been "dirty mined".

Unfortunately in this industry not everything that I'd like to use for my jewelry is recycled due to lack of availability, so I integrate recycled metals as much as possible. At this time about 98% of my line uses recycled metals with the exception of gold filled chain.



Moissanite is harder than Sapphires, Rubies and other gemstones and only second in hardness to Diamonds. Believed to have been carried by a meteorite in trace amounts, silicon carbide in a labor intensive process has been hand faceted by master gem cutters to bring out the stone's natural brilliance. The fire that this gem produces is phenomenal. 

All of my Moissanites are Charles and Colvard.

14kt White Gold

A majority of White Gold that you see in stores are Rhodium Plated since White Gold is not naturally white. White Gold that has not been plated will have a Champagne color and when doing a side by side comparison, Rhodium white gold is much paler and softer in color. Traditional White Gold is Nickel based which has been known to cause allergies in sensitive individuals.

14kt Palladium White

Nickle free so a hypoallergenic alternative to standard White Gold. Closely related to the Platinum family. Rich deep grey in color.

14k Gold Filled
14k gold filled jewelry is a solid layer of 14k gold bonded to the outside of a base metal such as brass. Under the normal wear and with the care you would give any precious metal jewelry, 14K gold filled jewelry will not flake or peel. Like solid 14k gold, 14k gold filled jewelry is tarnish-resistant and safe for most people with sensitive skin.  

On occasion I offer 14k Gold Filled Chain on some necklaces or as bangles to bring the cost down for my customers. Listings will be noted if they're made from Gold Filled otherwise I use solid 14k Gold for my jewelry.

Plated Metals

I do not work with plated metals.