Can't blame the camera

October 15, 2014

Sometimes I want to blame my camera for bad shots. Since I do my own photography and photo editing, it can be tiresome to take the same product shot at least 100 times to get maybe 5 useable and only 3 make it online if that. For some reason since I've moved from the SF Bay Area and my wonderfully sunny dining room table where I took some of the best shots for my website, my LV home lighting just isn't cutting it. I cannot for the life of me get good lighting in my home downstairs. I've moved my photo set up all over my home and to no avail. It gets insanely hot out here so tint on windows is crucial and even though my home stays cool it's horrible for product shots.

I'm having a doozy getting good shots of my new rings but here's at least one of them with a photo that's somewhat passable until I can take a better one. I may need to soften the shine a bit to reduce glare (I prefer brushed finishes anyway) but these new rings are just darling I had to show one of them no matter how bad the shot. 

This is my new wax carved ring with faux milgrain detailing around the edge. They'll be available in Sterling Silver and 14k Gold with a selection of standard and rose cut diamonds. Black rose cut will be a standard.