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My adventure in Procreate

October 06, 2019

My adventure in Procreate, In the studio

I've been playing around with Procreate and decided to give it a try. It's not half bad for my second attempt so hopefully with more use I'll get the hang of it. This is a Turquoise that I just purchased and will be making it into a necklace. I can't wait to actually fabricate this piece to see how close my drawing is to the completed piece. 

So far I'm a big fan of Procreate and I love my watercolor brushes.  ❤

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Guide to metal colors
Metal Colors

Here is a helpful guide of the different colors of various precious metals. 

🌿 Note: I do not plate my White Gold so it will have a similar color like in the photo compared to Rhodium plated. My studio is free of  hazardous chemicals and I prefer the color of natural White Gold.  If a brighter White is desired most local jewelers will Rhodium plate for a fee.