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I love New Tools

April 26, 2018

I love New Tools, In the studio


One of the best things in the world for me is buying new tools. Since I'm self taught I've probably amassed a lot more tools than I ever needed but as the years have gone by, I've learned which ones are absolutely necessary.

I upgraded to a Pepe Tools rolling mill and I love it. Like really, really love it. My previous version only had flat rollers top and bottom so if I wanted to have shaped wire I would have to remove the rollers (such a pain) and add grooved or patterned rollers which weren't inexpensive, so most of the time I would just leave it as is.  Rolling mills are great when melting down scrap gold from unused bits that are cut off when creating rings and other pieces. I would melt it down until it was molten and hammer the heck out of it when it finally cooled after quenching. After annealing the metal numerous times I would get it just flat enough on one end to start rolling it through eventually getting a flat piece of solid gold. 

It's a lot of work but in the end I reuse my metal and I'm able to use it for new pieces that I create. A lot of my pieces use a back plate made from the gold that I recycled and rolled. I definitely do not regret my purchase of this new mill. So worth it.

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Guide to metal colors
Metal Colors

Here is a helpful guide of the different colors of various precious metals. 

🌿 Note: I do not plate my White Gold so it will have a similar color like in the photo compared to Rhodium plated. My studio is free of  hazardous chemicals and I prefer the color of natural White Gold.  If a brighter White is desired most local jewelers will Rhodium plate for a fee.

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