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Custom Kite Diamond Ring

April 28, 2018

Custom Kite Diamond Ring, In the studio

I have the most fabulous CAD designer that I can send my detailed drawings and stone dimensions to and she can make my designs a reality. I get the finished file and send it over to my metals caster who casts the design from recycled 14k gold. The process from my initial drawing and specs to final cast take a bit of time but it's so worth it.

I don't have the time to sit and wax carve like I used to since I work alone, and as I get busier I have to find other ways to still get the desired result. Either through hand carving or through CAD files from my designs my eco friendly caster delivers up pieces that are unique to my line and not mass produced.

Win, win. 🌿


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Guide to metal colors
Metal Colors

Here is a helpful guide of the different colors of various precious metals. 

🌿 Note: I do not plate my White Gold so it will have a similar color like in the photo compared to Rhodium plated. My studio is free of  hazardous chemicals and I prefer the color of natural White Gold.  If a brighter White is desired most local jewelers will Rhodium plate for a fee.

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