Coming Soon!!

September 10, 2017

Coming Soon!!

I'm still waiting for my Trademark to go through before bringing back my Eco Soy Candles. I was warned that the business name for them is catchy enough for someone grab it so my Trademark Lawyer is on top of the task of getting approval. It's been a much longer process than I anticipated and with the intensely hot weather we've been having here in Vegas I can't ship them out anyway. I may need to invest in Cold Packs for future Summer sales but we'll have to see. My packaging and custom labels are at the ready so I'm excited to say the least. Eeeeeee!!! I do need to invest in stamps to put the names on my labels but I still have time for that..

I can't wait to bring out some new Fall scents once my Trademark is finished. Stay in the loop by subscribing to my newsletter so when I bring them back this Fall/Winter, you'll be in the know.

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